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Donating money may not be the only way to give to charities, many rely on volunteers to help run exciting projects and give their time to help the charity to provide the best service. If you find yourself with free time on the weekdays or weekends, you might want to consider putting in some time to volunteer. Not only are you going to help a good cause, but it can also be a way to meet new people and learn new skills.

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Helping Aid Foodbank

We provide two-days food and toiletry parcels. You can collect your parcel from our food bank. For more details on how to collect parcels from our food bank, navigate to Visit a Food Bank on this website.

If you have problems with travel or accessibility and are not able to come to our food bank, please visit Emergency Food on this website.

P: 0113 262 4912 E: info@helpingaid.org A: Newton Hill House, Newton Hill Road, Leeds, LS7 4JE

Helping Aid Foodbank Newton Hill House, Newton Hill Road Leeds, LS7 4JE | Registered Charity Number 1191233

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Helping Aid food bank opens twice a week at the above times and days.

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