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Here at Helping Aid, every single penny of your donation goes to the charity and every single penny will be used to help and provide essentials to the people in crisis. They are our main priority and they always will be, therefore your contributions are valuable to us and they can help us to look into the future of Helping Aid.

How Can I Make a Donation to Helping Aid?
You can make a quick and easy donation online. This secure service will ensure that your transaction is effortless. Donations can be paid by bank or PayPal. Further details are on the secure transaction page.

Alternatively, you can make your donation by the following methods standing order, by sending a cheque or by making a payment via bank transfer.

Helping Aid Foodbank

We provide two-days food and toiletry parcels. You can collect your parcel from our food bank. For more details on how to collect parcels from our food bank, navigate to Visit a Food Bank on this website.

If you have problems with travel or accessibility and are not able to come to our food bank, please visit Emergency Food on this website.

P: 0113 262 4912 E: A: Newton Hill House, Newton Hill Road, Leeds, LS7 4JE

Helping Aid Foodbank Newton Hill House, Newton Hill Road Leeds, LS7 4JE | Registered Charity Number 1191233

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Helping Aid food bank opens twice a week at the above times and days.

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